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I-131 Referring Vets

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a methimazole trial necessary?

No. Putting off definitive therapy negatively impacts your patient, and these cats often have more problems from methimazole control than from the hyperthyroidism. Most heart, liver, kidney, hypertension, GI and metabolic conditions individually have clear treatment goals, but when they occur together these treatment goals become confused. Remove hyperthyroidism from the equation first with radio-iodine and immediately start treating the other conditions. It is important to develop a long term plan for the patient. More on methimazole here. Cats who are IRIS stage I or II (Cr 2.8, please call our doctors to discuss.

Can I just submit my in-house chemistry panel?

Yes, an in-house chemistry panel is okay – it should include ALT, ALP, BUN, Cr, and Phosphorous.

Can I submit my in-house Total T4?

T4 can be run in-house or send out, BUT IT MUST BE AN ABSOLUTE NUMBER, not a >8, >10, >24. In those scenarios, submit a blood sample for dilution to get an actual T4 number. The T4 level is critical to determine dosing for radio-active iodine.

Why a urine specific gravity?

The Urine SpG is important in determining the cat’s true renal function (ability to concentrate). Hyperfiltration due to the increased metabolism in the hyperthyroid cat can falsely decrease BUN/Creatinine blood values.

Why refer to Castle Rock Cat Hospital?

There are a few reasons why we are unique:

  • We have 20 years’ experience curing hyperthyroidism at our hospital and we pioneered the 3-day release!
  • Our medical staff consults with your medical staff to develop treatment protocols for special needs cats.
  • Renal and cardiac compromised cats are treated for hyperthyroidism and their underlying medical conditions. Your clients are counseled on the long-term care needs of their cat.
  • Clients and patients are comforted by our cats-only facility.
  • Clients appreciate our zero interest, one year payment program.

Our doctors are available to speak with you about any case you are preparing to refer. Our staff has been instructed to give your call priority!

Call us toll free at (877) 663-6369 or Denver area local (303) 663-2287.

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