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Laser Therapy

A non-invasive holistic treatment.

Castle Rock Cat Hospital in Castle Rock is proud to be able to offer Colorado therapy laser for cats. Thanks to modern technology, we are now able to use a specific wavelength of infrared laser light to painlessly and non-invasively treat and relieve many deep tissue injuries and conditions that cause pain for our cats. Our therapy laser is an excellent alternative for pain relief and healing, particularly for senior cats, very young cats, or cats with sensitive immune systems that may not respond well to more invasive procedures or drug therapies. We use it to enhance cat wellness for patients struggling with arthritis, skin conditions, ear infections, cat dental problems, orthopedic injuries, and more. It also helps accelerate post-surgical healing.

Therapy Laser for Cats: An Effective, Comfortable Cat Wellness Alternative

Our Colorado therapy laser for cats is helping many of our patients find pain relief and live more active lives than before—without drugs or surgery. In addition to relieving pain and enhancing cat wellness, most of our feline patients find laser therapy relaxing and enjoyable. Your cat relaxes on one of our comfortable cushions while we pass a smooth, laser-light emitting probe gently over the area to be treated. The laser does not emit any heat, but it penetrates deeply through the skin and into the tissues that need healing. There is no discomfort for your cat; in fact, cats enjoy the pain relief they experience during our laser therapy sessions.

This specific wavelength of light we use in our therapy laser induces several reactions inside a cat’s injured tissues. The laser light reactivates cellular metabolic processes inside of injured tissues such as muscles, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, etc. The damaged cells start to repair themselves from the inside out. Our therapy laser for cats also stimulates circulation to injured areas, which brings fresh nutrients and oxygen needed for healing. Your cat will notice pain relief during these sessions as the light also encourages endorphin release at the injury site.

Our therapy laser for cats has already enhanced cat wellness for many of our patients. Depending on your cat’s condition, we may recommend a series of several initial sessions to kick start the healing process, followed by periodic maintenance sessions. Cats may be hesitant during the first appointment, but once they experience the relaxing pain relief and quiet, one-on-one attention they are usually very happy about scheduling subsequent sessions.

If your cat is struggling with a chronic pain condition or has been trying to overcome any kind of injury or post-surgical incision, please call and talk with our Veterinarians in Castle Rock about Laser therapy for cats. We have found it to be very successful in treating many different conditions.

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Laser Therapy for Cats