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Bed & Breakfast

Your cat's home away from home.

Kitty Bed & Breakfast

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At Cat Specialist, kitties can choose from spacious multi-story atriums, bi-level kitty condo’s or our popular efficiency suites. All kitty guests get their favorite meals and snacks, prepared to your order from our extensive menu, and complete housekeeping services four times a each day. Click here to preview our delicious choices!

Our “Health Gard” System
Every feline accommodation at Cat Specialist features our unique “Health Gard” air exhaust system. Designed by Dr. Olson, Health Gard ensures that each cat in each cat living area breathes fresh air with no airborne contaminants. One more feature you won’t find at an ordinary boarding kennel!

No two kitties are alike! You know your cat, so tell us what activities your cat wants to participate in!

Some cats like to spend their vacations quietly, snooze a lot, and hide out in a snug kitty tower. Some crave the garden window, where they can catch a few rays and watch the birds in the trees outside. Other kitties prefer to join the party! We offer daily play periods with the staff and our world class cat toys in our kitty recreation center. And you can rest assured that if your cat needs daily medication or any type of medical treatment, we have trained staff on duty seven days a week to see to his every need.

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Kitty Camp

Our most spacious accommodation, Kitty Camp allows your kitty – or kitties – to stretch their paws.

Kitty Condos

Vacations, holidays and business trips are part of life. When you leave home for extended periods of time, however, you may wonder, “Where can I board my cat?” You need reliable assistance from experts who know cats, and will be there every day to provide the care your cat needs. We provide deluxe boarding for cats that gives you peace of mind as we care for your best friend while you travel.

Feline Boarding at our Colorado Cat Vet Provides Reliable Care You Can Count On

Whether your cat is healthy or requires special daily medication, someone needs to check in on your pet every day. Your cat needs fresh food, water, and regular litterbox cleaning. Playtime and some purrsonal attention are important, too, to alleviate boredom. You could hire the most reliable pet sitter you know, but circumstances like traffic or a snowstorm can prevent the sitter from reaching your home. Shy or special needs cats can hide from a pet sitter, but not from our trained veterinary nurses! Our reliable boarding for cats ensures your cat is taken care of every day. You can count on us to make certain your furry friend receives the care, attention and love he or she deserves. And instead of waiting alone in an empty house, your cat gets to have visitors and lots of activity all day long! Even Doctor Olson and Doctor Lavallee stop by each day to say hello to our guests.

Our Colorado Feline Boarding Facility Makes Your Cat Feel Comfortable

Your cat knows when the routine changes and you’re not home. He or she may feel anxious or uncertain while you’re away, but boarding can make your cat comfortable. Send your cat’s favorite toy along for playtime and include a worn T-shirt or some other article of clothing that smells like home. When you drop your cat off at our Bed & Breakfast boarding facility, you can trust that we’ll do everything possible to make your cat feel comfortable the entire time you’re away.

Please fax your pet's medical records to us at (303) 663-2333 or email prior to their stay.

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