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Laboratory Services

When your cat is sick or injured, a fast and accurate diagnosis is absolutely essential for prompt and effective treatment. This is why our Castle Rock cat veterinarian has a complete in-house hospital laboratory, equipped with the latest equipment and technology. This enables our doctors to get answers to pressing questions about your cat’s health in minutes, not days. Our Castle Rock Cat Hospital laboratory can provide the answers to most veterinary lab tests quickly to accelerate your cat’s comfort and recovery time. In the event that there is a specialized test we cannot do, we are connected electronically to a reference laboratory that can transport your cat’s test results within 24 hours directly into his or her electronic medical record in our office.

Cat Specialist in Colorado: Cutting-Edge Veterinary Laboratory Technology

Your cat veterinarian can run the vast majority of laboratory tests your cat might need right here in our office. Furthermore, our veterinarians are constantly upgrading the laboratory’s capacity with the latest technological advances. In fact, they are collaborating with top developers and researchers in the country to make even more advances in diagnostic testing procedures and technology so that cats everywhere—not just here in Castle Rock—can benefit from these exciting developments in laboratory services.

Veterinary Lab Tests for Your Cat

We typically run a complete blood test during your cat’s regular checkup. This routine testing enables us to catch problems, often before any symptoms appear. Early diagnosis gives us the best chance of helping your cat recover and stay healthy longer. Naturally, your cat’s veterinarian will also run special tests in the event that your cat is showing other signs or symptoms of disease. The following is a brief description of just a few of the conditions our veterinarian can diagnose here in our laboratory, using complete blood, urine, and tissue analysis:

  • Renal compromise—Measuring nitrogen and creatinine in your cat’s blood helps us diagnose problems with the kidneys and the entire renal system.
  • Hyperthyroidism—Common in older cats, we can test levels of thyroid hormone in your cat’s blood.
  • Liver disease—Measuring blood levels of bilirubin, aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) give us essential clues as to liver health and several other processes in a cat’s body.
  • Pancreatitis—New blood tests measuring pancreatic lipase and trypsinlike immunoreactivity are giving us more diagnostic data to provide life-saving treatment for cats with this condition.
  • Feline leukemia—As part of our basic blood screening, we can quickly diagnose the presence of the virus and begin treatment right away.
  • Feline AIDS—Also caused by a feline retrovirus, we can diagnose this from a basic blood screening and provide necessary treatment.
  • Heartworm—When heartworm antigen and antibody blood tests are positive, heartworm infection is present and intensive treatment begins immediately.

Our veterinarians are passionate about keeping cats healthy and happy. If you are ever concerned about your cat’s health, please schedule an appointment by contacting us at (303) 663-2287.