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Spay & Neuter Procedures

Help your pet live a long, healthy life.

Colorado cat spaying and neutering provides many important benefits. Here at Cat Specialist we combine uniquely deep and focused knowledge of feline issues and anatomy with many years of experience in cat spaying and cat neutering in Castle Rock. Colorado cat spaying and neutering can improve felines’ overall health and even extend their lives significantly. Whether your cat receives traditional surgery or advanced Class laser surgery techniques, you can count on his receiving the highest standard of Colorado cat neutering or cat spaying in Castle Rock.

Colorado cat neutering is actually a relatively simple operation known as an orchiectomy, or castration. We administer a general anesthetic, then make a small incision between the penis and the scrotum, through which we extract the testicles. Cat neutering in Castle Rock takes only a few minutes, and the incision made is so small that it can usually close itself quite adequately without sutures (which is not the case with dog neuter surgery). We will monitor your pet carefully as he comes out of the anesthetic before releasing him to you later that day. You’ll receive instruction on how to monitor the wound for any signs of infection; if your pet has removable sutures from his Colorado cat neutering procedure, we can remove them in a follow up visit about 10 days afterward.

Cat spaying in Castle Rock involves a procedure called an oviarohysterectomy. In this procedure, again given under general anesthetic, we make an abdominal incision and then extract the fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries. Traditional cat spaying in Castle Rock involves the use of a scalpel and sutures, but as you may know, here at Cat Specialist we also have more than 12 years of experience in laser surgery techniques. Laser surgery has many potential benefits when used for Colorado cat spaying — the laser kills bacteria as it cuts, reducing the risk of post-operative infection, and the remaining wound causes the pet less discomfort (thus discouraging licking, another potential source of infection). Either method of Colorado cat spaying, however, is considered a safe and effective procedure.

Colorado Cat Neutering and Spaying for Health

Cat spaying and neutering in Castle Rock is invaluable for curbing the local pet population. Many pets are euthanized because neither the owners nor local shelters have the resources to care for them. Cat spaying and cat neutering in Castle Rock also eliminates or greatly reduces your pet’s risk of reproductive cancer, often resulting in a longer, healthier lifespan. Cat neutering or cat spaying in Castle Rock even makes your pet more manageable by removing the desire to spray furniture, act aggressively or roam the streets in search of mating opportunities.

Contact Cat Specialist to inquire further about cat spaying or cat neutering in Castle Rock. We will be happy to explain Colorado cat neutering and spaying techniques in more detail and schedule the procedure for your pet.

Your Feline Spay and Neuter Questions Answered

#1 What is involved in a cat spaying procedure?
The cat spaying procedure, oviarohysterectomy, is performed under general anesthesia and involves an abdominal incision. This allows the fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries to be removed. Our Colorado cat veterinarian has performed thousands of these procedures, which means the surgery is quick and efficient, with minimal anesthetic time. Your cat receives ample pain medication to keep her comfortable following the procedure. Pain medication is not optional at Cat Specialist, it is mandatory. You will return for suture removal in about ten days.

#2 What is involved in a cat neutering procedure?
Cat neutering is a relatively simple procedure. It takes only a few minutes and requires a very small incision that usually closes itself without sutures. Also referred to as castration or orchiectomy, the procedure is performed under general anesthetic. Our cat veterinarian makes a small incision between the penis and the scrotum and extracts the testicles. Your cat receives ample pain medication to keep him comfortable following the procedure.

#3 What type of follow-up care is necessary after cat spay and neuter surgery?
Before being released to go home the same day, we monitor your cat as he or she comes out of the anesthetic. We’ll give you instructions to monitor the site for signs of infection.

#4 Besides controlling the unwanted cat population, what other benefits do feline spay and neuter procedures provide?
There is simply NO REASON not to spay or neuter your cat. The only intact cats should be those purebreds owned by breeders and held for breeding purposes. Cat spay and neuter improves cat health and extends your cat’s life. It eliminates the risk of reproductive cancer. Feline spay and neuter at the Cat Specialist Colorado cat hospital improves your cat’s behavior. After the procedures cats are usually less aggressive and less likely to spray furniture or roam in search of mating opportunities.

If you have questions about getting your pet spayed or neutered, or you’d like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (303) 663-2287 or request an appointment online.

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