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Laser Surgery

A safe alternative to traditional surgery.

Cat Specialist has provided laser surgery since 1999 – one of the first to use the laser for surgery and we have a new laser unit as of 2015. The surgical laser is used to cut, but unlike a scalpel blade, it cauterizes blood vessels and seals nerve endings which results in less bleeding and less pain!

For many surgical procedures it provides amazing results with increased speed to shorten surgery times and anesthesia. There are some surgical procedures that could not be done without this technology. There are certain types of surgery where the laser is unsuited and a traditional scalpel is used. The doctors at Cat Specialist use the best choice for your cat – ‘not one size fits all.’

When available, laser surgery is often preferable to traditional surgery for these reasons:

  • Less pain and bleeding
  • Decreased swelling
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Increased precision
  • Increased speed of procedure/decreased anesthesia time
  • Quicker overall recovery 

Although laser surgery isn’t right for every surgical procedure, more often than not, it is an available option. Procedures commonly performed with laser surgery include:

  • Spays 
  • Neuters
  • Biopsies 
  • C-sections
  • Mass removals (including cysts, polyps, and tumors)

If you need to schedule cat surgery and you’d like to know if laser surgery is an option, reach out to us at (303) 663-2287

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